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Chakras 1 Soap Mold

Let our beautiful Chakras 1 Soap Mold spin and draw energy with the four upper chakras of crown (spirituality), third eye (wisdom), throat (communication), and heart (love).

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Chakras 2 Soap Mold

Keep the energy flowing with our Chakras 2 Soap Mold, featuring the three lower chakras of solar plexus (confidence), sacral (new experiences), and root (foundation).

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Loving Hands Soap Mold

Our new Loving Hands Soap Mold features five helping hands with heart cutouts in a circular mold, making it perfect for any occasion that combines family, community, and love.

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Tray Crazy Hearts Soap Mold

This lighthearted mold features nine contemporary heart designs, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day, weddings, or anywhere you need some affection.

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Tray Wedding Weave
Soap Mold

This romantic mold makes nine square soaps that are perfect for weddings, engagement showers, and anniversaries.

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Sculpted Bar Soap Mold

The popular oval shape features two unique sculpted cutouts and a lovely, understated leaf imprint in the center.

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Tray 3 Wise Monkeys

Our Tray 3 Wise Monkeys Soap Mold depicts these mystic apes in their classic poses and will remind you to keep things positive.

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Tray Vortex

Anyone who has ever seen a water spout, whirlpool, or dust devil will recognize the mesmerizing natural beauty of a vortex.

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Guest Fleur de Lis Teardrop Soap Mold

Signifying perfection, light, and life. Our Guest Fleur de Lis Teardrop Soap Mold features the iconic image in a striking teardrop shape with majestic detail.

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3 Snowflakes Soap Mold

Capture the magic of winter in our beautifully detailed Three Snowflakes Soap Mold.

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Tray Spooks

BOO! These ghostly and ghastly faces will scare the dirt off of any corporeal form.

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Our Cornucopia Soap Mold features elegant detailing and is perfect for traditional Thanksgiving dinners or Harvest Festival events.

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Frog Soap Mold

Our new Frog Soap Mold is perfect for turning any area into your own little rain forest.

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Guest VW Bug Soap Mold

Our new Guest VW Bug Soap Mold will make you want to strap the surfboard to the roof and head to the beach.

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I really appreciated how quickly you got my soap mold order to me especially given this busy time of year. Your soap molds always make for the most beautiful soaps I sell. My customers and I appreciate your artistic talent. Keep up the great work!    View More Testimonials »